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Do you know all this knowledge about stainless steel pipe making equipment?

Author: ComeFrom: Date:2017/8/22 14:46:28 Hits:9149
Do you know what pipe material can be made by stainless steel pipe making equipment? Do you know how many stainless steel tubes can be produced by stainless steel tube equipment every day? Do you know how much money and equipment are needed to invest in stainless steel pipe equipment? Do you know which stainless steel pipe plant is of good quality?
I believe many friends in the above problems are considered, that all these problems solved?
First of all, let's talk about what kind of pipe material the stainless steel pipe can make.
Stainless steel pipe making equipment can produce round tubes, square tubes, rectangular tubes and shaped pipes of a certain diameter within a certain range. Like our commonly used 40 model stainless steel tube machine, the range can be 9- 51mm, the tube thickness is 0.2-1.5mm, basically, this model can meet the requirements of a large number of customers. Of course, smaller than this type or larger models also, this requires you to determine your pipe diameter range.
Secondly, stainless steel pipe equipment can produce many stainless steel tubes every day, this problem, I believe that in addition to the price of equipment, this problem is the focus of attention. How many stainless steel tubes can be produced per day by stainless steel tube equipment? The size, thickness, raw material, steel belt material, operator's technique and equipment configuration. In licensing machinery for stainless steel pipe industry has also made a general survey, an average day can produce 1 tons (regardless of tube thickness, size and other factors, the average value), as well as more output, this will improve the other factors involved.