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Suzhou Natrui Tube Technology Co., LTD

Address: Suzhou Xiangcheng District City calabash River Road No. 900, room B207, energy saving and environmental protection science and Technology Park
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Suzhou Natrui Tube Technology Co., LTD limited under the Hongkong high Beauty Group Co., a wholly owned subsidiary, mainly responsible for sales and service work. Hongkong high U.S. Holdings Group Limited was founded in Hongkong in 1992, mainly for Chinese domestic enterprises to introduce advanced German technology and production equipment industry, mainly for plastic piping systems, industrial rubber products, automotive and medical industry products, metal stamping parts and automobile.
We began to introduce German technology in 2003. We manufacture German standard M and V stainless steel fittings, copper tube parts and carbon steel clamp fittings in china. In 2007, it began to enter the high-end market in Singapore and Asia. The products met the EN European standards and were approved by the Singapore housing department and the Hongkong water supplies department. With the German DVGW, British WRAS, Singapore housing office HDB, Hongkong Water Department of drinking water and industrial production certification, carbon steel and fire series, made in France CSTB certification, American FM fire sprinkler system certification, also made the Guangzhou quality supervision and testing institute fire pipeline certification. 2015 officially entered the Chinese market, to provide the best quality pipeline new technologies. Provide a full range of German card technology, including product production, application, design and installation technology. With its own brand ANPRO, the products are mainly supplied in Europe, Singapore, the United States, India, Australia, the United Kingdom, Hongkong and so on. The production bases are mainly located in China, Singapore, hungary.
With independent production technology for high beauty, beauty has an high professional and technical development team and partners pipeline technology, including Germany, Austria, Italy, experts in Singapore, Chinese, providing the most advanced products and installation technology for the future pipeline industry.
Group member:
AMCOPRESS Hongkong headquarters
Hongkong ANPRO CO. LTD (distribution and Brand Company)
PCC GmbH, Germany (European headquarters)
Singapore security special ANPRO PTE. company (manufacturing plant)
Guangdong security special tube industry Co., Ltd. (China sales company)
Suzhou Natrui Tube Technology Co., LTD(East China sales and service center)
Guangxi Xinmei pipe industry company (factory)
The United States Eugro Holding Corp.