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Suzhou city Naterui energy-saving building materials company limited under the Hongkong high Beauty Group Co., a wholly owned subsidiary, mainly responsible for sales and service work. The United States has an high Singapore, Guangxi Wuzhou, Shunde several manufacturers in Asia, the annual production capacity of 10 million pieces, the production process mainly used precision grinding tools integrated extrusion molding, the world's advanced level of an U.S. high quality of the products can reach the standard of Germany, Europe and the United states.
The city of Suzhou Naterui energy-saving building materials Co. Ltd. pipe cold drawing materials, pressing, annealing, the equal precision online technology, 100% to ensure that there are no sand hole and weld pipe Water Leakage phenomenon, after multiple European standard strict test, through the United States FM (fire) standard and German standard compression test, including 40 kg: high pressure irrigation test, negative pressure and low pressure leakage test, seal, torque test, bending test, vibration test, thermal cycle test, pressure test cycle (see EN (European standard) and FM (fire).