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Product advantage
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Six advantages of products:
I. assembly type construction
Finished materials to the scene, without cutting, direct card type assembly, construction simple, safe, fast and efficient, no more materials and waste generated.
Two, advanced technology
European standards, super GB production, strong seismic resistance, corrosion resistance, pressure capacity of more than 40 kilograms.
Three, no pollution, no congestion
Assembly type clamping connection, the material is blocked at both ends before leaving the factory, no pollution two times, to avoid blockage at the end of the pipeline.
Four, reduce costs
Save installation time and manpower, speed up the progress of the project at the same time, save time, save money and save labor.
Five, energy saving and environmental protection
The thin-wall pipe material can reduce the carrying load of the building, save the material, be more environment-friendly, the production process is environment-friendly and controllable, the material can be recycled, recycled, and the pollution and discharge can be reduced.
Six. Extend service life
The clamp type installation has strong tightness and safety, greatly reduces the maintenance rate, and the material has corrosion resistance, and greatly improves the service life of the product.