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Brief introduction of wear-resisting pipe fittings

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According to the different wear conditions, the lining of wear-resistant pipes also have different material choices. Wear resistant ceramic lined pipes (liner three, two aluminum oxide, silicon carbide, zirconia, silicon nitride, aluminum nitride, boron nitride, Theron, etc.); wear-resistant alloy tube; hexsteel wear-resistant steel and rubber pipe fittings; wear resistance; wear resistant steel pipes; tubes; self propagating wear-resistant composite pipes; rare earth alloy wear-resistant pipe etc.
Steel pipe, wear-resisting pipe with traditional wear-resistant alloy cast steel, steel, steel tubes and rubber tube has essential difference. The outer layer of the wear-resisting pipe is seamless steel pipe, and the inner layer is corundum. The hardness of corundum layer is as high as HV1100-1400, which is equivalent to tungsten cobalt carbide. The abrasion resistance is 20 times higher than that of carbon steel tube. Anti abrasion wear-resisting pipe is mainly rely on the inner millimetre thick layer of corundum, the cast steel, wear-resistant alloy tubes than rely on both composition and structure, and on the thickness of wear has been a qualitative leap.
Wear-resisting pipe and quickly occupied the market, in addition to high quality and good performance, but also in its performance price ratio is higher than other wear resistant and corrosion resistant heat pipe. In the same specification and wear-resisting pipe unit length, wear-resisting pipe wear-resistant alloy cast steel pipe weighs only about 1/2 of the project cost per meter 20%-30%; only 1/3 weight per meter of cast stone pipe, reduce the construction cost of 5%-10%; wear-resisting pipe used in corrosive or high temperature conditions, the price is only a stainless steel tube, nickel titanium tube a fraction of the